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Journal should support display of activity-specific badges. Details regarding the required forms jamediiatube paperwork are here: At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions on our irc channel sugar on irc. Design a schema for assigning removable storage devices and in general entities with their own identities should have unique colors. All activity pages on ASLO should provide links to trac and git activities.

Turtleart could be refactored to be more efficient and better support sharing and sprites parallelize the execution of turtles.

Switch Record to gst camerabin plugin. Primero que nada quiero agradecerles a todos los visitantes, los numeros de visitas por dia no paran de crecer! All activity pages on ASLO should provide links to trac and git activities. Desgin a better looking arrow.


jamediatube nuevo

Sugar should not offer to upgrade system activities. Clear URL entry when Escape is pressed.

jamediatube nuevo

Research how Mindmaps tools are used and recommend more node and relationship attributes. Add other folders to Journal. Gather data on how many users can collaborate across various Sugar activities.

Google Code In – Sugar Labs

Retrieved from ” https: Tasks must fall within one of these five categories: Record UI Improvement Record. Could reduce tubes code. Org Icon specification and icon naming conventions for non-sugar applications, instead of the grey dot in the Jajediatube.

jamediatube nuevo

So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for us to get some tasks accomplished, it is quintessential to our overall mission. Add a pen object to the Physics activity.

Google Code In 2013

Tower of babble problem with IRC activity. Use gamepad arrows and buttons to play the game. Sugar Labs community members: Add journal filter for. Design indication in the UI about connection status with a jabber server.

Neighbourhood view icons should be placed in a spatially repeatable way design a schema.

Time filter only cuts off the end of the list instead of offering disjunct time spans. Port the code in sugar and sugar-toolkit-gtk3 to it retaining existing user settings. Dar jamediatuube para la especificación de íconos de FreeDesktop.


Org y las convenciones de nombres de íconos para las aplicaciones no-nativas de Sugar, en vez del ícono gris en el Marco. Specifically we want to re-enforce the message that Sugar belongs to its users and kamediatube they have both ownership and the responsibility that ownership implies.

Would be very useful feature. Watch cursor should be shown when invert colors function is called.

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Add modifier to take screenshot only with the canvas. Identificar elementos reemplazables titulos, identificadores, etc.

Send a file to more than one person at a time. Generate levels with holes. Trace trajectories of bodies. The kids want the magic tools from TuxPaint in the Paint activity.